1. Safe payment: all customers do their payment before getting in the apartment
  2. Perfect state of the apartment: our staff members are always check in the conditions of the accommodation in order to be as best as possible state.
  3. Complete managing: we manage all the assessments (online marketing, booking control, payment system, key collect-deliver, cleaning services and maintenance.
  4. Immediate availability of your apartment: you will always be able to enjoy your apartment whenever you want if there is not any reservation beforehand. You will only have to make a reservation through extranet to manage your stay or contact us (e-mail/phone).
  5. Flexible agreement: you will be able to cut a contract with Basque Stay whenever you want but always respecting our reservations
  6. Better conservation of the apartment: because of our constant work on keeping it in the best condition as possible and not being hired for a long stays the well being of your apartment is guaranteed.
  7. Immediate information to the owner: you will have a constant access to extranet where you will be able to see all your bookings.
  8. Consultant ́s office: we have advisory agents who are in charge of managing a tax return paper works.
  9. Remodeling/decoration consultant: we have a big experience remodeling and decorating touristic apartments.
  10. Remodeling/decoration financing: we offer an important option to funding your remodeling. In most of the case, with a little contribution we can get an interesting benefits.
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