If you’re planning a getaway to San Sebastián, you simply must try pinxto pote, a fantastic culinary tradition you won’t want to miss on your trip. Read on to discover everything there is to know about this way of enjoying pintxos and socialising.

Where does Pinxto Pote come from?

This is a popular and accessible way of enjoying Basque cuisine, as – for a fixed, and usually quite affordable price – you can explore different bars and try a huge variety of delicious pintxos accompanied by drinks, like cider, wine, beer or txakoli.

This culinary tradition combines two much appreciated traditions in Basque culture: pintxos and poteo.

  • Pinxtos are small portions of food served on a slice of bread or a skewer. It’s a type of tapas or aperitif that ranges from simple ingredients to much more elaborate combinations. Pinxtos are usually creative and colourful, and often reflect the wealth of Basque cooking.
  • Poteo is a deep-rooted social tradition which consists of heading out to bars with family or friends and drinking glasses or “potes” of wine in each establishment. This is an activity that encourages socialising, as it creates a lively and welcoming atmosphere in the streets and bars of the Basque Country.
Pintxo Pote Donostia

The initiative was born in the year 2004, thanks to Víctor Manuel Ibáñez. It was after this shopkeeper’s holiday to Chiclana that he decided to export the Cádiz custom of offering a tapa with every drink. The hoteliers of Calle Gorbea in Vitoria-Gasteiz received the idea with a little scepticism. However, time would prove him right.

Pinxto pote has become an essential element of Basque culture and attracts both locals and visitors looking to immerse themselves in the authentic gastronomic experience of this charming region.

The best places to enjoy Pinxto Pote in San Sebastián

Fancy trying this unique experience for yourself? If so, these are a few of the establishments in which you can discover the magic of pinxto pote in San Sebastián. Take note!

Bar la cuchara de San Telmo

_la-cuchara de san telmo

This iconic and traditional pinxto bar is located in the city’s old town. It’s famous for its authentic and delicious culinary offering. The most popular specialities include delicacies crafted with chistorra, cod, octopus, mushrooms and other typical regional ingredients. What better place to let yourself be won over by San Sebastián’s pinxto pote? Don’t forget to try the croquettes or the famous mushroom skewers.

Bar Borda Berri


Another unmissable gem of the city’s old town is Bar Borda Berri. This establishment specialises in traditional flavours, with the Gilda pinxto as the star of the show. This delicacy is no more and no less than a succulent snack made from anchovies, olives and chilli peppers. For an incredible pairing, opt for an authentic Basque cider – the perfect combination!

Bar Ganbara

Bar Ganbara

Another spot for a good pinxto pote in San Sebastián is Bar Ganbara. With a cosy and lively atmosphere, it’s known and praised among locals and tourists alike for offering an exquisite selection of traditional pinxtos. Grilled mushrooms with foie gras and cod omelette are two of their most delicious creations.

Local traditions during Pinxto Pote

There are various local customs that should be followed to get the most out of this gastronomic and social experience. Read on to discover a few of the traditions associated with pinxto pote:

  • Schedule. There is usually a specific time during the week – normally on Thursday nights or at weekends.
  • Visit several bars. One of the most important traditions is going from bar to bar trying different pinxtos and drinks in each one. Each establishment offers a unique selection of pinxtos, so exploring a few of them will allow you to enjoy a wide variety of flavours and styles.
  • Try the pinxtos of the day. Establishments often offer recommended choices or pinxtos of the day. Let the bar staff guide you and you’re sure to be amazed.
  • An occasion to be shared. The best way to enjoy this tradition is with friends or families, with food as the link that facilitates socialising. People meet in bars, speak with friends and strangers and enjoy eating and drinking amid a lively and social atmosphere. If you’re going alone, you won’t struggle to make new friends.
Pintxo Pote San Sebastian

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